How to use Yahoo Messenger

So do you have already installed your Yahoo Messenger? Learn how to get more out of your Yahoo! Messenger by reading this step-by-step information.

Sign in 

  • Enter your Yahoo ID and password and select required options.


Set your avaibility status

  • Click the arrow to the right of your display name in the messenger window.
  • Click on status you wish to show – available, busy or invisible.


Make a video call

  • Open a message window with the contact you wish to call.
  • Click Video Call at the top left of the window.


Send a SMS

  • Open a message window with the contact you wish to send SMS to.
  • Click on Actions
  • Enter your contact’s mobile phone number (if not already saved)  and click OK.
  • Type message into text box and click Send.


Add a contact

  • Click on Contacts at the top of the Messenger window.
  • Enter your contact’s details and click Next.
  • Choose Group you want to add this contact to. Type a personal message if required and click Next.


Send an instant message

  • Double-click a friend’s name in your contact list.
  • Type your message into the text box at the bottom of the message window.
  • Hit enter or click Send to submit.


Connect to Facebook

  • Click Messenger at the top of your messenger window.
  • Select Manage Updates I Broadcast.
  • Click Add Facebook
  • Click Connect


Change privacy settings

  • Select Messenger menu
  • Click on Privacy Options.
  • Select required options and click OK.


How to install Yahoo! Messenger

Yahoo Messenger (sometimes abbreviated YM) is an advertisement-supported instant messaging client and associated protocol provided by Yahoo. You can use it to chat with other people that have a Yahoo! account. Yahoo Messenger also allows users to access Yahoo Chat Rooms.


  1. You can now download Yahoo Messenger 11 for the latest in instant messaging advances.  In some cases, a Yahoo Messenger 9.0 download may be more stable on your Windows PC than the beta version of Messenger 11.
  2. Next, locate the “msgr9us” smiley logo on your desktop and double-click to begin the Yahoo! Messenger 11.0 installation software.
  3. A security window will appear asking if you want to run the Yahoo! Messenger 11.0 installer. Select “Run” to install. Click “Cancel” if you would like to resume installation at another time.
  4. Once the Yahoo! Messenger 11.0 installer has appeared, you can select typical install or custom install, in which you have the option of installing additional features to your computer, such as Yahoo! toolbar. Click “custom install” if you would like to select these features individually.
  5. Next, users must accept the Yahoo! Messenger 11.0 terms of use and license agreement. This agreement typically identifies a user’s license to use the Yahoo! Messenger client and conveys the company and the user’s liabilities for use of the product.
  6. Click the check-box next to the words “Yes, I accept the License Agreement terms and Privacy Policy above,” then click “Next.”
  7. A window with all your installation elections will appear. Click “Install” to begin installing Yahoo! Messenger 11.0.
  8. Once Yahoo! Messenger 11.0 has been installed, a window will appear illustrating Yahoo! Messenger has been installed successfully. Click “Finish” to exit the installer and launch Yahoo! Messenger 11.0 on your desktop.

How to mark as Spam and how to delete a mail in Yahoo! Mail

Deleting an email in Yahoo! is something very easy. You only have to select that email or multiple emails and hit Delete.

If you have sent something to Trash in error, you can go to Trash, find that email and click the Move to icon. Then you can move them again to the Inbox or to a certain folder.


If you are very confident about the emails that are in the Trash, you can permanently delete them by click the Empty Trash now link directly above the messages. You will delete all messages in Trash at once.

All of us have a friend or three that doesn’t follow proper password security, gets hacked, and finally you receive spam email from their accounts. Here’s how to take care of it.

This is very very simple. If you’re in the inbox, you can select multiple e-mails, then hit menu, and you sould see the “Report spam” button.

You can also remove spam forever: Click the Spam link on the left side of the Gmail interface. Then select the messages you’d like to delete and click Delete forever. You have the option to delete everything by clicking Delete all spam messages now. You have also the option to filter emails but not reporting them as spam, by clicking on Filter message like this.

The more spam you mark, the better Yahoo! Mail will avoid those annoying messages in your Inbox by filtering them.

How to cancel your email account of Yahoo! Mail

Most email providers set it free to create new email account. So you may have many email account even in the same site like Yahoo. So it is very logic than you want to delete these useless and redundant account in order to reduce the time on checking mails in different accounts.

You have also to be aware that people will still be able to send messages to your closed Yahoo! Mail account for 90 days without getting a delivery error and you won´t be able to log in to your account to see them. So make sure you tell all your friends and contacts when you are about to terminate your Yahoo! Mail account.

Sometimes it is a little difficult to find the cancelling site of a free email account service (well, of any internet/phone/ADSL/insurance service). I want to show you the easiest way to delete your Yahoo! Mail account.

Steps for deleting your free Yahoo! Mail email service:

  1. Open your browser and writte “” at address bar to visit Yahoo Mail. Sign up to your email account as usual.6155cbe5cb9cf587ea3c5347f16a3fb5
  2. Then the webpage will jump to “Terminating your Yahoo! Account” page. Check if your Yahoo ID is correct and read the following instruction. If you are sure to continue, then pull down to the end of the page. You need to input your password again and fill the verification code to confirm your behavior. Then click on the button “Terminating this Account” under the word “YES”.2b8b69bbcd2b950f8cd41b8c829d08cf
  3. The deletion finished now. You’ll see this: “Your account has been deactivated and scheduled for deletion”, which means that though you can’t enter to this account, the files in the account will be deleted in about 3 months for the purpose of reducing users’ fraudulent activity.3ceb17d6d07a5457acb634909fa937a3

How to manage your contacts in Yahoo! Mail

To access the contacts folder, click on its icon on the top bar on the left side. A window with all our contacts will appear. The options we see are roughly the same in all email services.


On the left sidebar, different folders appears in which you can organize contacts, including folders that are imported contacts from Facebook, Google and Outlook.

Importing contacts

To do this, we have to click on Import contacts within the options that appear in the central part of the screen.

This will open a menu with several options, among which we will see the social networks or other mail services from which we have already imported contacts. Google automatically connects to Yahoo! to import contacts daily; but for example Facebook needs to be updated manually. A little further down too we are allowed to load CSV files with lists.

Adding new contacts

To do this we simply have to click on New Contact in the top left, and fill in the details for the creation of the contact.

Editing existing contacts

Once you have selected a contact, we are immediately offered a number of additional options in the top bar.

You can edit the contact, delete, and send an email (by clicking on the message icon that appears just to the left of the avatar of the contact).

Creating and managing groups

Yahoo! Mail has lists instead of groups. Having the contact selected, click on Assign list. If you do not have any list, you have the option to create it.

Deleting duplicate contacts

Yahoo! Mail gives us the option to clean all those duplicated contacts. This is very frequent when you import contacts from your social networks.  To do this we click on Actions, on top of all the contacts displayed to us. Of the options we see, click on Correct duplicates. Then all you have to do is wait.